4 Shredding Tips For Autumn

Donna Sanderson

  Not just a pipedream


With a more full-on return to at least partial office working for many of us this Autumn, there’s lots more general in-person ‘busy-ness’ going on. Where there are more people, the need for essential regular services will slowly creep upwards, as do the number of reminders to colleagues of what protocols are in place for safe, compliant office spaces.  


Many of you tasked with managing offices probably have an ideal: tidy desks; all processes for data protection observed for paper and digital media; every scrap of confidential paper waste stowed correctly in a locked cabinet or discreet office recycling bin; regular collections of said confidential waste organised at the touch of a button; no threats of data breaches…  


Your ideal doesn’t have to be some unattainable pipedream. If you speak to us we can show you how secure disposal methods can be set up with no fuss, no bother, and with maximum effect. 


Here are our 4 tips for a more mellow Autumn, working back in the office



More footfall in the office means a higher volume of paper usage, with more opportunity for unfiled, floating pieces of paper to go missing. Stamp out bad practice straightaway with dedicated, secure bins and cabinets and an information campaign for colleagues about the need to use them! Keep the document lifecycle moving in the right direction towards confidential shredding with a collection schedule tailored to suit your usage patterns. 


For an added lift to your data protection levels, how about booking mobile shredders to come to you? That way, you can check out all your confidential waste being tipped from bin to blade, with no gaps. All waste will then be transported securely to your local facility where it will be sent for processing at a UK recycled paper producer. 



Choose a company who are happy to guide you through every step of the process and answer any questions you have along the way.



After the mists and mellow fruitfulness of Autumn, including Nature’s fabulous painting of the tree canopy, comes the fall. Anyone here affected by leaves on the line during their (newly returned to the) office commute?


Seriously, though, in this season of tree appreciation or, on a more urgent note, the awareness of needing to live our lives so that our planet can survive (and sustain us), it’s good to know that by shredding and recycling your paper waste, you are doing your bit. At least when it comes to confidential shredding. 


At Restore Datashred, we are a major recycler. It is key to our business processes and systems and helps us fulfill our aim of sending 0% to landfill of all the materials that pass through our shredding machines. 


It’s good to know

  • 1 tonne of recycled and repurposed paper saves 17 trees (plus all the water and energy it takes to produce) from being used in the production of 1 tonne of virgin paper…


Contact us at Restore Datashred to chat through your options for an increasingly busy office and let us help you achieve your vision of it being well run and fully compliant.