Impact of the COVID-19 Outbreak on the Operation of UKSSA

Donna Sanderson

It is recognised that the current outbreak may temporarily affect the ability of the UKSSA auditors to conduct its activities and maintain compliance with the requirements for UKSSA Certification.

Operations may be affected in several ways such as site closure, staff shortage, restricted access to supplies and services, sample delivery, additional workloads, reduced demand for services etc.

UKSSA have deployed a risk management procedure considering the following:

Is it possible to complete the re-certification audit remotely, this assessment includes consideration of the following points:

  • Can the client provide video/photos upon request for site activities (i.e. is there CCTV that they can show us of site areas, using either WhatsApp/FaceTime/MS Teams, etc.)?
  • Will the client accept using videoconferencing techniques for the audit?
  • Is the client’s organisation currently performing all activities within the scope of application?