Why Security Shredding is Good for BusinessPaul Caldwell, chair of the United Kingdom Security Shredding Association, discusses the importance of secure document disposal in this article for New Business Magazine

Caelia Quinault

Most businesses are aware of the need to keep confidential data safe, but not all realise that this extends to the destruction of paper documents when they are no longer needed.

Strict requirements set out in the Data Protection Act require companies to destroy any personal data they handle under secure conditions, with large fines handed out to anyone found guilty of a data breach – not to mention the risk of reputational damage as well.

While many records today are digital, the vast majority of businesses still also hold paper records and it is therefore vital that these are disposed of in a safe and secure way.

To read the full article, which appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of New Business Magazine, click here.

Picture credit: Shutterstock