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What is secure shredding?

Company healthcheck

Secure shredding process

Environmental benefits

What is secure shredding?

Under the Data Protection Act, you must destroy under secure conditions any data containing personal information including name, address, financial and legal details. Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

Your business produces documents containing sensitive and confidential information.

The secure destruction and disposal of your documents is essential to comply with legislation and to maintain commercial integrity.

The list of documents that, in the wrong hands, could harm your competitiveness, viability or reputation is endless.

  • customer records
  • marketing plans
  • financial reports
  • internal memoranda
  • minutes of meetings
  • payroll data
  • costings
  • even rough notes

These are just a few of the type of information that could embarrass or compromise your company if not disposed of securely.

Company healthcheck
  • Have you assessed the risk to your business if your confidential information fell into the wrong hands?
  • Are you aware of the responsibilities you have as Data Controller under the new Data Protection Act?
  • Have you looked carefully and are you satisfied at how your company handles confidential information and disposes of it?
  • Do you have a signed Certificate of Destruction from your present contractor?
  • Do you have a signed Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note between you and your present contractor?
  • Have you checked that your present contractor carries appropriate insurance cover indemnifying you against financial loss.
  • Would you prefer a service supplier disposes of your material in an environmentally responsible manner?
Secure shredding process

Stage 1
High security containers to suit your requirements – from a smart, lockable deskside vault to large containers.

Stage 2
Material is sealed in security bags with numbered seals ready for collection by your UKSSA security shredding service provider.

Stage 3
Material is collected direct from your premises by approved security personnel.

Stage 4
Material is transferred to the security shredding plant where it is again recorded prior to destruction under strictly controlled conditions.

Stage 5
Confidential material is shredded and baled ready for recycling.

Stage 6
You are supplied with an approved an UKSSA Certificate of Destruction to provide complete assurance that the process has been safely and security completed.

Environmental benefits

Compared with other methods of destruction and disposal, security shredding has least impact on the environment and contributes towards sound environmental policies.

All shredded material is recycled by paper mills and used in the manufacture of a wide variety of products from tissues and paper towels to high-quality printing papers.

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